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Membership All Access (Add-On for WHMCS and Alpha Users)

Unlock the Full Potential of WHMCS for Your Digital Marketing Agency

Welcome to Ascent - the ultimate membership designed exclusively for digital marketing agencies using WHMCS. Transform your WHMCS into a powerhouse with advanced features, exclusive modules, and a community dedicated to innovation and growth. With Ascent, you're not just getting software; you're unlocking a partnership that propels your agency forward.

Priced At
$499.00 USD/yr

Fast & Simple

What Membership Includes

All-Access to Advanced Modules
A comprehensive suite of modules designed to streamline operations and enhance client engagement.
Continuous Innovation
Stay ahead with regular updates and new features.
Community and Support
Connect with a network of professionals for collaboration and shared growth.
Custom Module Development
Access to custom module development services tailored to your agency’s needs.

Feature Annual Cost (Individual) Included in Agency Ascent
Core Modules (Quick Pay, Reset Client Passwords, Support Ticket Reminders) $149.97 Yes
Operational Modules (KPI Reporting, QuickBooks Payment Gateway, Agency Deliverables Dashboard, Personalized Knowledgebase, Keyword Rank Tracker, GeoGrid Reporting) $599.94 Yes
Advanced Modules (Yext Client-Controlled Listings, ClickUp Integration, GoHighLevel Integration) $449.97 Yes
AdminX Theme $29.00 Yes
ClientX Theme $99.50 Yes
AgencyPortal Lite Module Free Yes
Total Value if Purchased Separately $1,421.44
Your Price $499/year
Total Savings $922.44
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Register & Subscribe

Quick sign-up during checkout to unlock your WHMCS toolkit and resources.

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Install the Dashboard Module

You or we install your WHMCS. Customize with our modules and guides.
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Start Customizing

Dive into features, adapt to your needs, and join the AgencyPortal community for support and growth.

Small But Necessary Tweaks

Core Agency Modules

Core modules extend or modify WHMCS to in ways we have found necessary to help streamline your daily operations and enhance client interactions. 

Operational Utilities

Advanced functionalities that optimize your agency’s operational processes. These utilities extend beyond the basics, offering specialized solutions for more complex needs. They’re perfect for agencies looking to upgrade their service delivery and provide added value to their clients.

Premium Agency Modules

Elite, high-end solutions for agencies seeking the ultimate in functionality and integration. These modules offer extensive capabilities and integrations with third-party platforms, designed for agencies that require sophisticated solutions. They’re best suited for those aiming to offer comprehensive, top-tier services to their clients.

Recommended Tools & Modules

There are a number of innovators out there who make WHMCS for digital marketing agencies a reality by providing robust functionality we depend on daily. We stand behind each recommended 3rd party vendor having used them in our own agency.


What is AgencyAscent?

This membership offers exclusive access to advanced features and integrations that enhance the standard WHMCS experience. It’s designed for digital marketing agencies that already have hosting and WHMCS licenses and are looking to supercharge their client portal capabilities.

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AgencyAscent isn’t just a service; it’s a partnership. We provide you with a comprehensive client portal solution, backed by our unwavering support and a suite of powerful tools. And now, with our EARLYACCESS promo, we’re making it even more irresistible.