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WHMCS-Powered Client Portal System for Marketing Agencies

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Starting at
$97.00 USD/mo

Feedback from Agency Owners

Our plans are more of a partnership than just software.

Improved Client Interaction

Totally upgraded our client interactions. Their managed plan seamlessly integrated into our operations, enhancing efficiency and client satisfaction.
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Cole Howard


Streamlined Billing

The managed plan from Agency-Portal simplified our workflow. It’s user-friendly, and our clients love the transparency. It’s been a key factor in our growth!

Christine Mullen


Enhanced Client Engagement

Agency-Portal’s system is a breakthrough. The support is top-notch, and the platform’s intuitiveness has significantly improved our client engagement!

Jamie Dunlap


AgencyPortal Solutions

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Foundational Client Portal and Experience Management Software and Maintenance
**New to WHMCS**

$97.00 USD


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This membership offers exclusive access to advanced features and integrations that enhance the standard WHMCS experience.
**Already Using WHMCS**

$499.00 USD

Yearly Membership Access

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Bundle Annual & Save $370

  • Comprehensive Solution: The bundle provides a complete package for agencies needing a client portal and ongoing innovation and support.
  • Cost-Effective: Offers significant savings compared to purchasing the plans separately, making it a financially smart choice for agencies.
  • Simplicity: One easy subscription covers all needs, simplifying billing and administration.
  • Flexibility: Suitable for both new and established agencies looking to enhance their client management and operational efficiency.

Save $370 when you opt for the annual bundle compared to purchasing AgencyAlpha and AgencyAscent separately. This bundle is ideal for agencies looking for a comprehensive solution with both a robust client portal and continuous access to the latest tools and community support.

Starting at
$1,099 USD/yr

Complete Client Management System

Centralize all client interactions, projects, and histories in one intuitive system to enhance client relationships and service quality.

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Invoice Whmcs

Billing and Invoicing Automation

Let the software take care of generating invoices, collecting payments, sending reminders and tracking performance, while you focus on growing your business.

Have an existing client portal?

Migrate Your Client Portal to AgencyPortal

We’ll help you through the process of moving your client portal from your old platform to WHMCS so you can focus on what matters. Also, we don’t charge any website migration fees.
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Built-In Help Desk

Advanced Support Ticketing System

Shift away from taking late-night calls or fielding weekend client requests over your personal phone – everything must go through the support ticket system now.


Professional Client Support

Complete and Fully Integrated Knowledge Base

Start documenting your internal and client-facing, FAQs, SOP’s and tutorials – even if the details seem trivial. Your future self will thank you later!

Link Any Domain Registrar and Resell Domains on Autopilot


Complete Web Hosting Provider Platform

Customize Your Agency Command Center

Enjoy 12 color-full skins for every taste, all applied with a click of a button.

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Efficient Project Management

Track project milestones, manage tasks, and allocate resources all from one place. With our intuitive project management tools, ensure timely delivery and maintain high standards for your client projects.

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Seamless Automated Billing

Automate your invoicing and billing processes to ensure accuracy and timeliness. Set up recurring billing, manage subscriptions, and allow clients to view and pay invoices directly from their portal.
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Customizable Workflows

Adapt AgencyPortal to your agency’s unique needs. From custom development to agency-specific modules, tailor your workflows and portal functionalities to enhance productivity and client satisfaction.

Features For Your Clients & Their Staff

Allow your clients to take charge of their accounts, projects, and marketing efforts, all from a personalized client portal.

Centralized Client Portal

Provide a centralized location for clients to manage everything – their projects, reports, payment methods, account history and more.

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Sophisticated Reporting and KPI Dashboard Access

Provide comprehensive reporting tools that deliver real-time data and analytics, enabling clients to make informed decisions based on their marketing performance.

Customizeable Client Portals

Provide a personalized dashboard that reflects your client’s brand and meets their unique needs.

Home Control Panel

Constant Innovation & New Integrations

Personalizing your digital marketing agency management experience.

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AgencyPortal provides a robust and future-safe foundation for your agency's client management system.

With flexibility only an open source, php based platform with a vibrant community can provide, it's a safe investment of your time that will not limit your agency's potential.

Get started in three simple steps

Ready to transform your agency operations? Start with AgencyAlpha—the definitive client portal platform for digital marketing agencies.

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Checkout & Account Creation

Quick sign-up to unlock your WHMCS toolkit and resources.

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You or We Install WHMCS

You or we install your WHMCS. Customize with our modules and follow our guides.

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Explore & Build Your Client Portal

Dive into features, adapt to your needs, and join the AgencyPortal community for support and growth.

Frequently asked questions

What is AgencyAlpha?

AgencyAlpha is a turnkey client portal solution for WHMCS, designed to transform it into a powerful client portal tailored for digital marketing agencies. It streamlines client management, billing, and support, all within a familiar WHMCS environment.

Who is AgencyAlpha ideal for?

AgencyAlpha is perfect for new or existing agencies looking for a comprehensive client portal solution. It’s especially beneficial for agencies new to WHMCS or those seeking to migrate to a more flexible system.

How does AgencyAlpha benefit my digital marketing agency?

AgencyAlpha brings advanced features to WHMCS, such as customized client portals, sophisticated billing automation, and an efficient helpdesk system, all aimed at improving client satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Can I customize AgencyAlpha to fit my agency's specific needs?

Absolutely! AgencyAlpha is designed to be adaptable. With the inclusion of ClientX and AdminX, and a range of modules and extensions, you can customize the look to fit seamlessly into your agency’s workflow. Additionally, we offer extensive customization options to align with your agency’s branding, providing a seamless and professional client experience.

What kind of support is available with AgencyAlpha?

AgencyAlpha users receive access to a growing knowledgebase, detailed documentation, and and access to our support ticket system for technical assistance.

Is AgencyAlpha suitable for agencies new to WHMCS?

Absolutely. AgencyAlpha is ideal for agencies new to WHMCS, providing an easy-to-use, enhanced client portal with full hosting and maintenance support.

What does hosting and maintenance for AgencyAlpha entail?

We host and maintain your AgencyAlpha setup, ensuring optimal performance, security, and regular updates, so you can focus on your agency’s core activities.

Can I integrate AgencyAlpha with other tools and platforms?

Yes, WHMCS has a robust API that our team utilizes on a daily basis. AgencyAlpha is designed to let you integrate seamlessly with various digital marketing tools and platforms, enhancing its functionality and versatility. Whether it’s CRM systems, payment gateways, or other marketing tools, AgencyAlpha can be integrated seamlessly to offer a cohesive agency management experience.

How can I add AgencyAscent to my AgencyAlpha package?

You can incorporate AgencyAscent at any time to unlock additional features and benefits. We also offer a bundle option for those who want to combine both from the start.

What are the benefits of the AgencyAlpha + AgencyAscent bundle?

The bundle offers a comprehensive solution, combining the enhanced WHMCS features of AgencyAlpha with the advanced modules and support of AgencyAscent, at a discounted price. Access the bundle here.

Can I migrate my existing WHMCS setup to AgencyAlpha?

Yes, we offer migration services for agencies looking to transition their existing WHMCS setup to AgencyAlpha. Note that separate fees apply for migration services.

What makes AgencyAlpha different from other WHMCS enhancements?

AgencyAlpha stands out due to its specific focus on digital marketing agencies, offering tailored features, dedicated support, and continuous innovation to meet the evolving needs of the industry.