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Crafting Your Perfect Client Portal - Made Easy

We've streamlined the process to ensure you get a client portal tailored to your agency's unique needs. From foundation to flourish, we've got every area covered.

Step 1

Lay the Foundation with AgencyAlpha

Start with AgencyAlpha, the definitive client portal software for digital marketing agencies. It’s the heart of our ecosystem and your journey’s starting point

  • Explore the platform and familiarize yourself with the dashboard.
  • Access introductory resources to get a grasp of its capabilities.
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    AgencyAlpha provides a robust and customizable foundation, ensuring you have all the essential tools from the get-go.

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Step 2

Protect & Enhance with Managed Plans

Choose a managed plan that fits your needs. Whether it’s Ascent or Apex, we offer layers of support, updates, and features to enhance your portal.

  • Evaluate our subscription levels.
  • Select the best fit for your agency’s needs.
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    Our managed plans are designed to give you peace of mind, knowing that the technicalities are handled by experts.

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Step 3

Customize to Perfection

Make your portal truly yours. Dive into our marketplace for ready-to-use modules or opt for our custom services for bespoke solutions.

  • Dive into our comprehensive onboarding materials.
  • Watch video tutorials and read user manuals to get acquainted.
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    From aesthetics to functionalities, our customization options ensure your portal aligns perfectly with your agency’s brand and operations.

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Step 4

Immerse in the Community

Join our vibrant community of agency owners. Share insights, learn from peers, and continuously evolve your portal to stay ahead.”

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Frequently asked questions

What is the first step in getting started with AgencyAlpha?

The first step is to visit our website and explore the features and benefits of AgencyAlpha in detail. From there, you can choose the plan that best fits your agency’s needs and sign up to begin the onboarding process.

How long does the onboarding process take?

The onboarding process is designed to be efficient and thorough. Typically, it takes between 1-2 days, unless ordered on a Thursday or Friday. However, the duration may vary based on your agency’s specific requirements and customization needs.

Can I customize the process to fit my agency's workflow?

Absolutely! While we provide a structured process to ensure a smooth transition, we understand that every agency is unique. We offer flexibility in the onboarding and setup process to align with your agency’s specific workflow and preferences.

What support is available during the setup process?

Our dedicated support team is available throughout the setup process to assist with any questions or technical issues. We also provide an automated follow-up with next steps and materials, as well as an invitation to schedule a one-on-one onboarding session.

How do I integrate my existing tools and platforms with AgencyAlpha?

AgencyAlpha is designed to be compatible with a range of third-party tools and platforms. During the setup process, our team will guide you on integrating your existing tools to ensure a seamless transition and cohesive agency management experience.

What if I need custom features or functionalities?

We offer custom development services to cater to any unique requirements. Whether it’s specific modules, extensions, or integrations, our team can tailor AgencyAlpha to meet your agency’s specific needs.

How do I access the AgencyPortal ecosystem's additional features?

Once you’ve set up AgencyAlpha, you can explore the broader AgencyPortal ecosystem, including Ascent, Apex, and various extensions & tools. These elements enhance and support AgencyAlpha, offering a comprehensive solution for agencies.

Can I upgrade or change my plan later on?

Yes, you can upgrade or modify your plan as your agency grows or as your needs change. We offer flexibility to ensure that AgencyAlpha always aligns with your agency’s evolving requirements.

What training or resources are available to help me make the most of AgencyAlpha?

We provide a range of resources, including tutorials, guides, and community forums, to help you maximize the benefits of AgencyAlpha. Additionally, our one-on-one onboarding sessions offer personalized guidance and insights.

How do I provide feedback or suggestions for improvements?

We value feedback from our users. You can reach out to our support team or join our community forums to share your insights, suggestions, or feedback. We continuously strive to enhance AgencyAlpha based on user feedback.

What support options are available?

We offer various support channels including email, live chat, and an extensive knowledge base. Our support team is available to assist with any issues or questions you may have.