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KPI Dashboard

(GA4 and Looker Studio)

Create world class KPI dashboards and SEO reports through Google Analytics and Looker Studio (Formerly Data Studio). A must have for SEO agencies using WHMCS.

Welcome to DataDive, the transformational SEO reporting tool designed for forward-thinking agencies. Our unique WHMCS integration brings unparalleled clarity and efficiency to SEO analytics, empowering agencies to deliver precise, impactful insights via their client SEO dashboard. Dive into streamlined SEO reporting with DataDive and experience a new era of client communication and retention.

Simplified GA4 Insights

DataDive redefines WHMCS SEO reporting integrations by distilling GA4 data into the most actionable insights. Showcase clear, concise SEO successes, including organic traffic trends and top sources, directly within your WHMCS client portal. With DataDive, your SEO reports become a cornerstone of client trust and engagement.
Aspire Google Analytics Client Area Dashboard

Client-Led Linking

For agencies providing basic SEO services, DataDive empowers clients to independently link their Google Looker Studio and GA4 accounts. It’s transparency and autonomy, simplified.

Full-Service Solutions –
Agency-Assisted Setup

Effortlessly link your clients’ accounts from the backend. DataDive supports full-service agencies by streamlining data integration, saving your clients time and effort.
Aspire Google Analytics Admin Dashboard
Aspire Data Studio Report in WHMCS Client Area

Google Looker Studio
for Digital Agencies

Integrate Google Looker Studio with your WHMCS system for an unparalleled reporting experience. Our SEO reporting tool goes beyond mere numbers, offering comprehensive KPI dashboards that weave all client data into an engaging narrative. Highlight leads, conversions, and ROI in a format that underscores your agency’s value and expertise.

Robust Client Retention Through Enhanced SEO Reporting

Premium Add-Ons to Enhance Your Client SEO Dashboard

Elevate your client SEO dashboard with our premium add-ons. Enhance your SEO reporting capabilities with a tailor-made KPI dashboard template and advanced tracking integrations, perfect for agencies committed to delivering exceptional, detailed insights.

Google Looker Studio KPI Dashboard Template:

Unlock next-level reporting with our Looker Studio KPI Dashboard Template. Designed for clarity and impact, this template streamlines complex data into digestible insights, helping agencies articulate value and performance without the hassle of starting from scratch.

Comprehensive Data Integration Service

Connect your analytics ecosystem with our Data Integration Service. From call and event tracking to form submissions and beyond, we handle the intricate setup for you. This service ensures your various data sources are seamlessly integrated, setting the stage for accurate, comprehensive reporting.

Elevate Your SEO Service with Our Integrated Modules

Transform your agency with AgencyPortal’s seamless integrations! Our selected modules – Task Detail, keyword.com, Local Viking, and Yext – combine to offer a world-class SEO service that’s both comprehensive and transparent.

Work History Module

Track the tasks ordered by your clients and let them see when you have fulfilled them

Sync Local Listings

List your clients’ business profiles on relevant sites across the digital universe

Track Keyword Performance

Real-time keyword tracking including starting rank, current rank and main vs halo keywords