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Welcome to the transformative heart of the AgencyPortal Ecosystem: RevShare. Our distinctive revenue-sharing model is meticulously designed to champion collaboration, innovation, and mutual growth. By investing in your agency's needs and sharing your innovations, you not only elevate your own operations but also earn from the broader community's utilization of your contribution.

Step 1 - Idea

Got a revolutionary idea for a tool or module? Or perhaps you’re inspired by our idea pool? Visualize its functionalities and its potential impact on the AgencyPortal ecosystem.

Step 2 - Invest & Develop

Turn your idea into reality. Invest in creating a tool or module that addresses your agency’s specific needs.
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Step 3 - Contribute

Once developed, you have the option to contribute it to the AgencyPortal Marketplace. We’ll refine and package it to meet marketplace standards, ensuring it’s primed for broader adoption.

Step 4 - Earn

As your contribution goes live and finds traction within the community, you earn a share of the revenue from every purchase.
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Step 5 - Reap the Benefits

Not only do you benefit from the tool or module you’ve invested in, but you also gain from the community’s utilization of your contribution.

Why Choose RevShare with AgencyPortal?

  1. Agency-Centric Approach: Our RevShare model is uniquely tailored for digital marketing agencies. We recognize the specific challenges and intricacies of the industry, ensuring that our system aligns with your agency’s aspirations.
  2. Invest and Earn: As you invest in tools or modules for your agency, you have the opportunity to earn back from the broader community. Your investment in your agency becomes a potential revenue stream.
  3. Collaborative Growth: The essence of RevShare lies in collective advancement. By sharing and collaborating, we can jointly redefine the limits of digital marketing.

With AgencyPortal’s RevShare program, you’re not just investing in your agency’s growth; you’re also tapping into a broader ecosystem of shared success. It’s a win-win: you get the tools you need, and the community benefits from your forward-thinking innovations.

Invest in your agency, share your brilliance, and let’s collectively elevate the digital marketing landscape.

Common Questions About RevShare

What is the RevShare model at AgencyPortal?
Our RevShare model allows contributors to earn a share of the revenue when they contribute a tool or module to the AgencyPortal Marketplace.
How much can I earn from the RevShare model?
The earnings vary based on the popularity and sales of the contributed tool or module. Specific percentages and details can be found in our RevShare agreement.
How do I contribute to the Marketplace?
You can submit your tool or module through our submission portal. Once approved, it will be listed in the Marketplace, and you’ll be eligible for revenue sharing.
Is there a quality standard for contributions?
Yes, all contributions undergo a review process to ensure they meet our quality and security standards.
How often are earnings paid out?
Earnings are typically paid out on a monthly basis, but specific details can be found in our RevShare agreement.
Can I track the performance of my contributions?
Yes, contributors have access to a dashboard where they can track the sales and performance of their tools or modules.

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