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All Plans Include the Essentials

At AgencyPortal, we believe in flexibility and adaptability. That's why we offer three distinct paths to get you started with AgencyAlpha, the definitive client portal software for digital marketing agencies. Choose the one that aligns best with your agency's needs.

Your plan includes a WHMCS Plus license, a critical component of your agency's infrastructure.

  • RUnbranded interface for a professional client experience.
  • RSupports up to 250 clients.
  • RUnlimited admin and staff users allowed.
  • RDirect access to both WHMCS support and our expert team.
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Managed hosting ensures your WHMCS platform is housed on a server environment tailored for optimal performance.

  • R50GB of storage space.
  • RServer specifically optimized for WHMCS functionality.
  • RRegular security monitoring to protect data.
  • RPerformance checks to ensure fast load times.
Vpn Secure Access

Routine maintenance is crucial for the smooth operation of your WHMCS system, safeguarding it against various technical issues.

  • RDaily backups to prevent data loss.
  • RRegular updates for WHMCS, PHP, themes, and modules.
  • RSecurity patches applied as released.
  • RPerformance optimization as needed.
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The AgencyPortal Dashboard is your central hub for accessing and managing the various modules essential for your agency's operations.

  • RCentralized access to manage AgencyPortal modules with easy management interface.
  • RManaged plans include our core modules including Support Ticket Reminders, Guest Invoice Module, and Reset Client Password.
  • RFree installation of premium addons for seamless integration with tools like ClickUp, Go High Level, and Yext.
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This is the real gem of our offering: having an experienced agency owner you can turn to for advice, the kind of resource I wish I had when I was starting out. Now, we are here to provide that for you.

  • RAssistance with questions about running and improving your agency.
  • RGuidance on WHMCS functionality and usage.
  • RHelp with queries related to AgencyPortal products.
  • RSupport for questions about third-party integrations.
  • RCustomization requests are evaluated. We'll help you turn your ideas into integral parts of your agency.
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We are founded on a community-first guiding principle of providing as much value as we can contribute, at any given time and on a continual basis, to every agency owner.

Feedback from Agency Owners

Our plans are more of a partnership than just software.

Improved Client Interaction

Totally upgraded our client interactions. Their managed plan seamlessly integrated into our operations, enhancing efficiency and client satisfaction.
Cole Headshot 150x1501

Cole Howard


Streamlined Billing

The managed plan from Agency-Portal simplified our workflow. It’s user-friendly, and our clients love the transparency. It’s been a key factor in our growth!

Christine Mullen


Enhanced Client Engagement

Agency-Portal’s system is a breakthrough. The support is top-notch, and the platform’s intuitiveness has significantly improved our client engagement!

Jamie Dunlap


Transparent Pricing for Clear Value

We've hand picked each feature to include exactly what we required at each level of growth, at a price your agency can afford.

We currently offer three levels of service.

AgencyPortal AgencyAlpha Plan Image

DIY – You’re in full control, navigating every aspect on your own.

-Core licensing
-Do it (mostly) yourself

Start Here

$97.00 USD


AgencyPortal AgencyAscent Plan Image
You’re the Captain, We’re the Crew – We’re here to support and empower, but you’re still at the helm.

-Core licensing & modules
-Fully managed

Start Here

$297.00 USD


AgencyPortal AgencyApex Plan Product Image
DFY – Rely on our expertise for a fully automated and professional solution.

-Core licensing & modules
-Fully managed

Start Here

$497.00 USD



Features/Services AgencyAlpha (Foundational License) 🟢 Ascent (Managed Addon) Apex (Managed Addon)
Alpha License Key 🟢 ✔️ 🟢 ✔️  🟢 ✔️ 
Hosting 🟢 ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Basic Support 🟢 ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Advanced Tools 🟢 ❌ ✔️ ✔️
Managed Services 🟢 ❌ Basic Level Premium Level
Custom Integrations 🟢 ❌ Optional ✔️
Priority Support 🟢 ❌ ✔️ ✔️

We Want to Help Improve Client Retention

All plans come with access to a growing library of playbooks you can implement in your agency today with AgencyPortal tools. Some upcoming topics we have planned:

Getting Paid for Your Time:
– time-based billing
– selling blocks of time
– tracking time across departments

Pricing and Packaging:
– website hosting/maintenance models (and how to charge)
– segmenting product groups for better accounting and reporting
– selling retainers
– terms for shutting off services due to non-payment

– how to successfully transition clients to your support system when they’ve been texting you for years
– how to bring structure to your support model and provide the best value
– when to utilize departments

– how to create a world-class onboarding experience with personalized automation
– how to charge for out of scope work

Why Opt for a Managed Client Portal?

Focus on clients, while we handle the backend intricacies.

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Firewall & DDoS Protection

Our distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection safeguards your client portal from incoming attacks and keeps you online.

Svgexport 23

Faster Page Loads for Your Clients

Just like the right hosting boosts a WordPress site’s performance, our optimized servers mean faster page loads and happier clients.
Svgexport 8

Free SSL Certificate

Our distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection safeguards your client portal from incoming attacks and keeps you online.
Svgexport 25

Multiple Data Centers

Enjoy faster page loads for your visitors by hosting your website near your customers in our data centers in North America, Europe or Asia-Pacific.
Svgexport 26

Free CDN Integration

Get free access to Content Delivery Network, a tool that caches and delivers your website content in record time from servers around the world.
Svgexport 27

Hands-Off Maintenance

Our distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection safeguards your client portal from incoming attacks and keeps you online.

Free Daily Backups

Your client portal is backed up daily. In the event of a disaster situation, we will be able to restore your website.

99.9% Uptime Gurantee

Our custom-built servers and self-healing cloud setup prevent lag and downtime while maximizing reliability.

14 days Money-Back Guarantee

Test our solutions and fall in love with us, or if you decide to leave – receive all your money back!

blah, blah, blah, blah …

Managed services are great way to grow and scale your digital agency

Tailored for Agencies
Our solutions are designed with marketing agencies in mind, ensuring you have the tools that resonate with your workflow.
Seamless Client Management
Interact, manage, and impress your clients all from a single, intuitive platform.
From startups to established agencies, our plans cater to all sizes, ensuring you have what you need at every stage of your growth.
Shared Online Store

Develop With Ease

Limitless Customization Potential

Svgexport 30

Tailor-Made Solutions

Don’t be confined by your tools. If you can envision it, we can create it. Our platform is a playground for developers.
Svgexport 23

Full API Access

Harness the power of WHMCS with full API access, allowing for endless integration and automation possibilities.

Svgexport 8

Unique Client Experiences

Go beyond cookie-cutter client portals. We help you build unique, branded experiences that set you apart.

Svgexport 25

Innovation Friendly

WHMCS doesn’t just support your current needs; it encourages your future innovations. Dream big, develop freely.

Svgexport 26

Secure Custom Development

Customize without compromise. Our development practices prioritize your data’s security and privacy.

Svgexport 27

Collaborative Approach

Your vision, our expertise. Work with our developers to turn your ideas into reality, seamlessly and efficiently.

Fast & Simple

Get started in four simple steps

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Purchase your package


Svgexport 19

We install WHMCS on your server

Svgexport 20

Submit Onboarding Survey

Svgexport 21

Submit Onboarding Survey


Have an existing client portal?

Migrate Your Client Portal to AgencyPortal

We’ll help you through the process of moving your client portal from your old platform to WHMCS so you can focus on what matters. Also, we don’t charge any website migration fees.
Backup Website Snapshot

Technical Support for Agencies

Our technical team is here to help you 7 days a week!

With AgencyPortal’s Managed Service Plans, you’re not just getting a service; you’re investing in a partnership committed to your agency’s growth and success. Let’s redefine digital excellence together. Sign up now and transform your agency’s operational experience!
Home Support

Frequently asked questions

Do I need my own WHMCS license to use AgencyPortal subscriptions?
Web hosting is a service that lets you rent web space on the internet to publish a web site. Email services are usually also included in most web hosting packages. Same goes for the domain registration of your first site name. The domain name is the address people enter in their browsers to access a specific website.
Can I contact WHMCS support directly if I face any issues?
Absolutely! While AgencyPortal provides comprehensive support for your subscription, you’re also entitled to seek direct support from WHMCS thanks to the included non-branded WHMCS license.
What happens to my existing WHMCS license if I choose AgencyPortal?
Shared hosting is the most widely used and affordable type of hosting service. In shared hosting, many websites share the space of one physical server and its resources. Cloud hosting is much more powerful as you get a whole server all by yourself and you don’t share its resources with anyone.
Can I upgrade my subscription plan at any time, and how does that affect my WHMCS license?
Yes, for the most part, shared hosting is secure. Our servers have security solutions in place at the server level. However, in most cases, security problems like malware across a shared server only occurs because one or more hosting customers weren’t diligent in keeping their website’s software up-to-date
Are there any restrictions on the WHMCS features I can access with my AgencyPortal subscription?
No, there are no limitations. With any AgencyPortal subscription, you get full access to all the features and capabilities of a non-branded WHMCS license, enhancing your agency’s efficiency and client management processes.
Is hosting included in my AgencyPortal subscription, or do I need to arrange that separately?
Hosting is indeed included with your AgencyPortal subscription. We take care of hosting your WHMCS setup, ensuring optimal performance, reliability, and security. You can focus on managing your agency and clients, while we handle the backend intricacies.
If I have my own hosting, can I still use AgencyPortal's services?
Absolutely! If you prefer to host WHMCS on your own server but want to leverage AgencyPortal’s benefits, you can opt for our Unmanaged, Self-Hosted plans. You’ll maintain control over your hosting environment, yet still enjoy access to select premium features and support from our team for critical issues regarding provided features and modules.
What's the difference between Managed and Unmanaged, Self-Hosted plans?
Managed plans are comprehensive solutions where all technical aspects, from server maintenance to software updates, are handled by AgencyPortal. Unmanaged, Self-Hosted plans are more cost-effective options where the agency maintains control over the server and technical management, ideal for those with in-house tech teams. Both offer unique benefits and access to premium features, with differences in support level and server management responsibilities.
Can I use AgencyPortal's premium features if I choose an Unmanaged, Self-Hosted plan?
Yes, agencies on Unmanaged, Self-Hosted plans can access many of AgencyPortal’s unique add-ons and features. However, the highest-level modules and certain premium services, such as dedicated account management, might be exclusive to Managed plans. The availability of specific features can vary based on the subscription details.
How does pricing differ between Managed and Unmanaged, Self-Hosted subscriptions?
Unmanaged, Self-Hosted plans are generally more cost-effective than Managed subscriptions because they require the agency to handle technical management and server maintenance. The exact pricing can vary based on the features you choose to include in your plan and the level of support you require.
What happens to my client portal if your company ceases operations?

Rest assured, your client portal remains entirely yours. Our platform is open-source, similar to platforms like WordPress, ensuring that you maintain full control over your data and portal even if we were to discontinue our services.

Is the WHMCS license key tied exclusively to your company?
No, your WHMCS license key is independent and valid directly with WHMCS. If you decide to shift your operations or host, the key will continue to be effective and functional.
Can I migrate my site and client portal to another host?
Absolutely. Your autonomy and flexibility are paramount. You can migrate your site and client portal to any host of your choice. Since our platform is open-source, this ensures you can continue without any hitches.
Will I need technical assistance to migrate or operate independently?
While the migration process is designed to be straightforward, if you are not tech-savvy, you might consider seeking technical assistance. However, the open-source nature and community support should make any transition smoother.
How do I ensure the security of my data during and after migration?
Your data security is vital. Ensure you back up all your data before migration. Also, when choosing a new hosting provider, look for those with strong security protocols. If you’re managing your hosting, regularly updating, and monitoring for vulnerabilities will be key.
Why is the platform open-source?
Open-source platforms prioritize transparency, flexibility, and community support. By making our platform open-source, we aim to give our users the freedom to customize, innovate, and have full ownership of their portals without any dependencies on us.