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wbTeamPro: Advanced Project Management


Sold By: Webuddha, Inc.

wbTeamPro: Advanced Project Management

This project management plugin for WHMCS is a real powerhouse that keeps our projects, and consequently our minds, organized. We can also integrate this with your existing project management tool.

At AgencyPortal, as agency owners, we don’t just use any tools; we rely on those that truly enhance our operations. That’s why we’re big fans of wbTeamPro. You may be thinking to yourself – “self, we have a PM tool, why would I use this random WHMCS module”. Well it comes an API, so we can integrate your existing PM tool. The result is detailed project reporting for your clients, deeply integrated with your billing and overall management. Our web development department relies on it.

wbTeamPro is a robust project management system designed specifically for WHMCS, offering a range of features that integrate seamlessly with your existing WHMCS setup. It’s not just about keeping your projects organized; wbTeamPro extends its functionality to encompass time tracking, invoicing, support ticket integration, and more, ensuring a comprehensive solution for managing all aspects of your projects.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive Interface: Designed for ease of use, ensuring even the most complex project information is easily accessible and manageable.
  • Deep Integration: Works seamlessly with WHMCS’s client profiles and support ticket systems, utilizing existing resources efficiently.
  • Enhanced Project Management: Features like action layering, quick editing, Gantt charts, and time logs provide detailed oversight of project activities.
  • Automatic Invoicing: Extend your operations into WHMCS’s billing system, with options for manual or automatic invoicing based on project milestones or task completion.
  • Support Ticket Integration: Link WHMCS support tickets with projects for streamlined communication and management.
  • Collaborative Tools: File assets management and discussion forums for each project encourage team collaboration.
  • Client Portal: Allow clients to view and contribute to projects with controlled access permissions.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Detailed print and export options for reporting, with granular filter controls.
  • Email Notifications: Automated alerts for project updates or action deadlines keep everyone informed.
  • RESTful Web API: For remote integration, allowing third-party applications to access and manage project data.

For digital marketing agencies, wbTeamPro represents an opportunity to streamline operations significantly. If you’re juggling multiple client projects, each with its own set of tasks, milestones, and team members, wbTeamPro brings order to this chaos. It’s particularly beneficial for agencies that bill clients for time spent on tasks or project milestones, as the system’s time tracking and invoicing capabilities are deeply integrated with WHMCS.

Moreover, if your agency uses a separate project management tool, we can integrate wbTeamPro with it, ensuring you have a unified system that saves time and avoids the errors that can arise from manual data entry across different platforms.

Why wbTeamPro Earns Our Recommendation

  1. Seamless WHMCS Integration: wbTeamPro fits right into the WHMCS environment, enabling comprehensive project management without ever having to leave your billing and client management system.
  2. Efficient Timelog Invoicing: Never miss a billable moment again, thanks to wbTeamPro’s detailed timelogs, ensuring precise invoicing for every second of your project work.
  3. Advanced Action Management: Manage your projects with ease using actions and sub-actions that help break down even the most complex projects into manageable tasks.
  4. Unified Ticket System: Enhance your customer support with wbTeamPro’s integrated ticket system. Manage queries, track time, and provide support all from a single interface.

Heads Up: Here’s Our Honest Take

It’s true; wbTeamPro’s direct support can sometimes take a bit longer than expected. But there’s no need to worry! We at AgencyPortal have a deep understanding of wbTeamPro and are ready to assist whenever you need help navigating the waters.

Interested in wbTeamPro?

If wbTeamPro sounds like the project management solution you’ve been searching for, we’d love to have you experience it too. By using our affiliate link, you can purchase wbTeamPro and enjoy the same organizational benefits we do. It’s a win-win: you get a fantastic tool, and you support us in the process.

Ready to transform your project management? Get wbTeamPro here and start your journey toward more streamlined, effective project management today!

Sold By: Webuddha, Inc.