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Oct 18, 2023 | 0 comments

Setting the Stage for Time-Based Billing: Key Considerations Before Implementing wbTimeLog

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So, you’ve recognized the necessity of time-based billing to elevate your agency’s operations, and you’re ready to dive into the implementation phase – fantastic! But be prepared: setting up wbTimeLog will prompt some crucial questions that lay the groundwork for how you’ll bill and sell time to your clients. Especially for those just starting or those juggling different hourly rates for various clients, these initial settings can pose a challenge. However, if scaling your agency is the end goal, seizing this opportunity to establish and adhere to these standards is invaluable. The beauty of wbTimeLog lies not just in its functionality but in its capacity to instill a scalable business model. Let’s explore some pivotal considerations before we delve into the setup process.

Key Questions to Ponder

  • What’s Your Rate?: It might seem straightforward, but you’d be surprised at the array of answers this question can provoke. Are you consistent with your rates, or do they vary for legacy clients or smaller businesses?
  • Do Unused Hours Expire?: If clients pre-purchase time, does it have a shelf life? Establishing whether unused hours carry over or expire after a certain period can significantly impact client satisfaction and your revenue.
  • Is There an Overage Rate?: When clients exceed their purchased time, how much will the additional hours cost? Is it the same as the standard rate, or do you charge a premium?
  • When Do You Bill for Overage Hours?: Will you invoice immediately after the overage occurs, or do you bill them on a regular cycle? Clarity here prevents billing surprises for your clients.

The Power of Early Standardization

If you’re serious about scaling, setting these standards early on is paramount. Not only does it streamline your billing process, but it also sets clear expectations with your clients from the get-go. wbTimeLog doesn’t just facilitate time-based billing; it compels you to solidify a business model that’s scalable.

Getting Started with AgencyPortal

Before you can harness the capabilities of wbTimeLog, you’ll need AgencyPortal. This comprehensive platform is the first step towards streamlined client interactions, billing, and support.


Embarking on the journey of time-based billing with wbTimeLog requires upfront contemplation, but it’s a strategic move towards a scalable business model. By addressing these foundational questions, you’re not just implementing a tool; you’re setting the stage for sustainable growth and operational excellence.

Call to Action

Ready to take the plunge? Consider your answers to these critical questions, and don’t miss our next post, where we dive deep into the step-by-step instructions on setting up wbTimeLog. It’s not just about having the tool—it’s about maximizing its potential to transform your agency’s operational dynamics. Stay tuned!

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