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Oct 31, 2023 | 0 comments

First Impressions Matter: Perfecting Your Agency’s Welcome Email & Login Page

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In the world of digital marketing, every touchpoint with a potential client matters. From the moment they land on your beautifully designed website to the strategy sessions and proposal discussions, each interaction plays a crucial role. But what happens after they say “yes”? The onboarding process begins, and as Josh Nelson of the Seven Figure Agency rightly points out, world-class onboarding can make or break the client’s experience. The first week sets the tone for the entire relationship.

The Pivotal Moments

There are two pivotal moments in the onboarding process that can’t be overlooked: the welcome email and the login page

1. The Welcome Email:

The welcome email is the first official communication your client receives after signing up. It’s more than just an acknowledgment; it’s a representation of your agency’s professionalism and attention to detail.

Elements of a Good Welcome Email:


Address the client by name and make them feel valued.

Clear Instructions:

Guide them on how to set their password and log in.


Ensure your agency’s branding is consistent, from the logo to the color scheme.


Provide contact details for any queries or assistance.

2. The Login Page:

Once the client clicks on the link to set their password, they’re directed to the login page. This page is a reflection of your agency’s commitment to user experience.

Elements of a Good Login Page:


A clean, clutter-free design that’s easy to navigate.


Consistent branding elements, from logo placement to color choices.


Assurance that their data is safe and protected.

Easy access to support or FAQ sections for any login issues.

With AgencyPortal, you can ensure both these pivotal moments are handled with precision and professionalism. And here’s a pro tip: Use AgencyPortal to trigger your Go High Level onboarding sequence. This can include sending out creative briefs, questionnaires, and scheduling the kickoff call.


Your agency’s onboarding process is a testament to your commitment to client satisfaction. And if you’re looking for guidance on scaling your agency, Josh Nelson’s Seven Figure Agency is a goldmine of insights. Save yourself years of trial and error and learn from the best in the business.

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