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Oct 13, 2023 | 0 comments

Exploring Your Options: Managed vs. Unmanaged, Self-Hosted Plans

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At AgencyPortal, we understand that every agency is unique, and so are your hosting needs. That’s why we offer a range of subscription plans to suit different requirements and budgets. In this guide, we’ll delve into the distinctions between Managed and Unmanaged, Self-Hosted plans, helping you make an informed decision that aligns with your agency’s needs. Additionally, we’ll highlight some exclusive add-ons only available to our valued subscribers.

Managed Plans: Full-Service Solutions

a. Hands-Off Hosting Experience: With our managed plans, we take care of everything from server maintenance, software updates, security protocols, and more. You never have to worry about the technicalities; your portal is always secure, up-to-date, and performing optimally.

b. Priority Support: Receive front-of-the-line support from our team of experts. Whether you have a technical issue or need advice, we’re here to help.

c. Exclusive Access to Premium Modules: Enhance your WHMCS system with advanced modules like Go High Level, Clickup, Yext, DataDive, GeoGrid, enhanced client knowledge base, and work history tracking.

d. Proactive Security Measures: We continuously monitor and implement the latest security measures to protect your data and your clients’ information.

Unmanaged, Self-Hosted Plans: Flexible and Economical

a. Cost-Efficiency: Opting for an unmanaged, self-hosted plan reduces your subscription costs, perfect for agencies with in-house tech teams.

b. Full Control: You have complete control over your server, data, and how you manage resources.

c. Standard Support: While you won’t have the same level of immediate access as with Managed plans, our team is still here to assist with critical issues regarding our provided features and modules.

d. Access to Select Premium Features: Even with self-hosting, you can leverage the power of our unique add-ons and features, though the highest-level modules may be exclusive to Managed plans.

Exclusive Add-Ons for Both Plan Types

a. Custom Development: Need something specific? Our team is available for custom module and feature development, ensuring your WHMCS system fits your agency like a glove.

b. Advanced Client Reporting with Keyword.com and GeoGrid: Empower your client reports with integrated, comprehensive data that they can understand and appreciate.

c. Automated Reselling with Yext: Become a local listing rockstar by automating the reselling process, empowering clients to manage their own listings seamlessly.

d. Enhanced Client Knowledge Base and Work History: Provide your clients with detailed, easy-to-access knowledge bases and transparent work history reports.

e. Dedicated Account Manager: For higher-tier subscriptions, receive personalized guidance and support from a dedicated account manager familiar with your business.


Choosing between Managed and Unmanaged, Self-Hosted plans ultimately depends on your agency’s specific needs, resources, and future goals. AgencyPortal is committed to providing a flexible, comprehensive service regardless of your choice. Want to learn more or discuss which option is best for your agency? Contact our support team — we’re here to help!

Remember to ensure your agency’s technical capability to manage an unmanaged, self-hosted plan and consider the value of your time when choosing between managed and unmanaged services.

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